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Greetings and welcome to our webpage on pet food packaging by Stand Up Pouches. With the development of foods for house pets, their packaging has also developed to ensure designer, durability, sustainability and user-friendly approach. The development of stand up pouches was considered to be a great contribution to the industries manufacturing dog food packaging and cat food packaging because it was one of the main factors which would contribute to use friendly attributes. Seeing this advancement, we at Stand Up Pouches also began inventing techniques and protocols which would allow us to prepare the required packages.

Know the Company Better:

Our company Stand Up Pouches was established in 1980 and has been leading the packaging industry since its inception. Our innovative techniques, coupled with our creative designs have contributed to making our consumer list grow with time. Moreover, our survival in the market for over three decades has been a contributing factor to the experience and expertise that our team has been able to gather through years. We have manufacturing units in Africa, United States of America, United Kingdom, China and Australia; while our market offices are in Australia, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Guatemala, Germany, New Zealand, France and Netherlands. Our supply that spreads through the world market acts as our greatest strength.

Pet Food Packaging for You:

Packaging facilities for pet food manufacturers is a worldwide demand. The production of dog food packaging and cat food packaging has been done through years to meet the demand for the same. One of the main features that we at Stand Up Pouches provide in our pet food bags is the facility to allow consumers to reseal the bag. All pet food packaging is equipped with zippers to allow consumers to leave food fresh and increase its shelf life substantially.

As the company name Stand Up Pouches suggests, our specialty remains to produce high quality stand up pouches for our consumers. Taking pet food into packaging, we have developed small as well as large bags of pet which can be put on the market shelf and can stand alone catching the attention of the consumers looking to buy it.

We pay extra attention to the material we use when we produce dog food packaging and cat food packaging. Since the biggest fear remains degradation of food quality, all stand up pouches are lined with cellophane which does not react with the components and helps to keep them fresh by successfully blocking penetration of air.

Lastly we, at Stand Up Pouches, make sure that pet food packaging is accompanied with varied designs to carry company insignias which consumers can spot easily on the market shelf. Creative designs with innovative pictorial representations makes our stand up pouches stand out.

Give your consumers pet food which is fresh and remains healthy by using pet food packaging provided by Stand Up Pouches. Allow us to address your needs for dog food packaging and cat food packaging so you can give your consumers attractive, user-friendly and creative packages.

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