Green Packaging

Packaging is a marketing function that has developed to involve a number of new products, techniques and protocols. However, the need to safeguard the environment has also led to the development of eco-friendly packaging materials which can be easily disposed. The development of these bags has been called green packaging because it allows one to use the package a numerous times. We, at Stand Up Pouches, have also developed our own line of green packages and these have most commonly used in food packaging products by our clients.

A Brief Introduction:

Our company Stand Up Pouches was established in 1980 and has been a part of the packaging industry since its inception. Being pioneers in the industry for over three decades has given us the experience and expertise that remains unmatched by a number of our competitors we stand against today. One of our most prestigious products remains our superior line of green packaging products which are most commonly used for sustainable food packaging. Stand up pouches have been used for food packaging for a number of years but the green revolution has taken a twist on the same.

Set the Bar High:

Producing very high quality green packaging at cost effective alternatives has been a technique which took tedious research and steady development with observation. Nevertheless stand up pouches that we craft have now been incorporated with these techniques. While compromising with materials may be complex, sustainable food packaging takes into account the kind of plastic which can be used for food packaging products. Instead of laminating more number of plastic sheets together to give bags strength to stand up, the plastic used is made thicker, thus reducing the material intake of the bag, while also using plastic which is less elastic, making the green packaging tougher.

Another alternative which we at Stand Up Pouches have adapted in our food packaging products is the incorporation of zippers for dry products and pouring nozzles for liquids being stored in sustainable food bags. This encourages end users to reuse the bag once it has been emptied instead of discarding it almost instantly.

The green packaging produced at Stand Up Pouches is not biodegradable because the food packaging products we provide should not degrade with exposure to air or sunlight. The barrier films in stand up pouches are designed to help contents keep fresh when exposed to these. However, they are recyclable and can be broken and reused to build new things which involve plastics.

Order Now:

Order your set of sustainable food packaging to make sure the contents in your stand up pouches remain fresh. Take advantage of the green packaging at Stand Up Pouches to do your duty towards your planet.

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