Stand Up Pouches Benefit

Stand up Pouches, where your needs become innovation and great packaging solutions. Our reliable modern technology in the world of food packing solutions has proved its mettle since 1980. Since then we have gone ahead with our specialization in making finest stand up pouches. In the innovation pipeline, we are exploring all possible extensive techniques to make pouches and bags stiffer and thinner and renovate more on smart packaging with RFID applications.

Reap benefits of Stand up Pouches to create a brand of your product:

How our “Innovation” boosts your business?

  1. Flexible weight: Pouch packaging in Stand up Pouches offer wide array of benefits to your clients and other end users. We design light weight pouches with wide front and back combined with an eye catching visual impact to the consumers, or add an extra spunk to your shop aisles.
  2. Optimized film barrier: We aim in implying retortable films to give more effect of stiffness, firmness and high sealing strength. Unique properties like Protec SUP the most unbeatable SUP film makes it strong and robust.
  3. Convenience: New plastic films initiates anti fog properties keeping food safe inside the stand up pouches, and stand up bags.
  4. Smart packaging: Modern technology of printing with RFID applications and printed electronics makes the pouches stand out in the shopping racks increasing its shelf life and space.

Accountable to “Environment” because We CARE:

  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging: Less evasive raw materials used to keep the film barrier simple and no environmentally dubious elements used in making the stand up bags. Hence all our food products ranging from common grains to sensitive nutritious food are environmentally optimize packaging.

Easy, simple “Functionality” reigns in Pouches Packaging:

  1. Shelf life extension: Our easy and simple peel functionality in our stand bags, pouches and other forms of stand up bags gives more extra toughness in barrier solution. In addition, shelf life extension is acquired by a special element “polyamide” to any defined structure. A unique element called environmental friendly ethylene vinyl alcohol solutions are induced to give more aroma barrier impact in the bags and pouches.

We protect “consumer’s rights”:

  1. FDA Approved: All raw materials used, for packaging solutions are approved by FDA according to the international regulations. We take pride in manufacturing unique linear tearability making stand up pouches more convenient to use as no more smeared fingers while unzipping.

Innovation is the key to our success as it is a continuous process in building flawless packaging solutions for our esteemed clients. By analyzing closely to our stakeholder in the food sectors value chain – retailers, vendors, consumers, converters, resource providers, food production cell, and brand owners, we are capable in producing packaging solution under you able cooperation and guidance.

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