Measuring Spout Pouches

At a time when technology has risen many levels up and we all desire for some style in everything they buy, presentation of the products has also metamorphosed greatly. We, at Stand Up Pouches, have made use of technology and our wide 30 years experience in bringing out a top-notch packaging solution. Liquid Packaging has developed a lot recently and we at Stand up Pouches have achieved a great deal in manufacturing the best in the industry.

Evolution of Stand Up Pouch:
  1. The development of stand up pouches started when pouch packaging was still in the nascent stage hence over a long period, we have just evolved from that stage to the present stage.
  2. Today, stand up pouch packaging has come up in a better plastic film and are proven food-safe.
  3. These pouch packaging can be used to pack tea, milk, nuts to dry food to even non food materials like cosmetic and industrial materials.
  4. Earlier, the creating of these bags was in a very basic material and with improper sealing. Nowadays, packaging machines have also been improvised to seal or fit the bags with spouts.
  5. Liquid packaging is an art by itself as other than comprising features like high barrier materials, leak and puncture proof walls to hold the liquid, these bags have been fitted with spouts for easy pouring facility.
Measuring Spout Bags:

To take measurements of spout bags, the width of the bag, top to bottom height of the spout bags have to be calculated. Then since they have bottom gussets, the width of the bottom gussets should be computed too. At last, around 7mm of space from the top should be deducted as that area has the spout and it is not for filling.

Only few companies have pioneered in the art of spout packaging. As an accessory for the liquid bags, they have become indispensible and have been chosen by the makers of sauces and juices worldwide. The distribution of our client base is worldwide and is forever expanding with the passing days.

Try Our Customized Spout Packaging:

We have a wide range of colors and sizes of bags available and we welcome you to try our bags. We make and keep a stock of bags in blue, red, green and yellow ready and in hand at all times for serving our first time customers to try out. Place an order for 2000 unprinted bags and we get these delivered to you in a week. However, if you wish, you can get your company logo rotogravure on your stand up pouches. These bags will be dispatched and would reach you in 15 days. Our dedication and punctuality sets us apart in the race to excellence in pouch packaging.

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