Attributes of Pouches

Complete demeanors of precision and astute engineering of our products for your food packing requirements are our prime motto for successful business. We are overwhelmed to deliver the best food packaging stand up pouches for various food patterns and compete as ever to be the best in the market. In addition, we are here to give you comprehensive guidelines on various attributes of pouches in a nutshell. Off late, stand up pouches, stand up bags and printed pouches have gained its momentum in the market and continue to grow in the coming years too…

Characteristics that gives us oodles of confidence on our products:

  1. Multi-layered film laminated together enables the pouches to be robust, strong and provides capacity to hold the matter inside for longer period of time keeping it fresh and clean ever.
  2. Moist-free, odorless, UV resistant and prevents from being punctured, all these attributes makes it unique.
  3. Stand up pouches are designed to perfection as they can stand on the aisle of any store or your home kitchen, apparently increasing the shelf space.
  4. There is no limit to its sizes, depending on your weight of the food matter, may be weight a few ounces to 25 pounds or more, can be easily designed. That’s the effective functionality of our pouches.
  5. Customized printing under supervising team makes it special for our clients to give that spunk on your chosen pouches whether stand up bags or stand up pouches.
  6. Stand up bags and pouches are either with zip locks, pourer spouts, tear notches or degassing valves if you require.

Options of Food packing products are endless…

  1. Beverages: Coffee, tea…
  2. Nutritious Food Products: flax, cheese, protein powder, organic food…
  3. Liquid Food Products: oil, vinegar, juices, milk…
  4. Food grains: Cereals, pulses, granola, grains, pasta…
  5. Pet food: bird and cat food, Pet treats…

Our pouches packaging – Simply the best!

Flexible, simple and easy that’s the way we design our pouches whether stand up bags, pouches (gusseted, round, plow bottom gusset or K style bottom gusset) all are packed by our professionals who expertise in packing solutions using modern technology. To elaborate more on this, let’s discuss few important intricacies as explicated below:

Points to Ponder…

    1. Printed stand up pouches are ideal for any food product which is bit moist or natural oats or granules, require a wide front and back allowing enough space to breathe and only possible in printed pouches or customized print work.
    2. We do not want to be just a supplier rather a partnership forever with the client, so making it extremely imperative for us to understand the requirement of the client. In any food packing, supplier needs to know the basic ingredients to be packed and their requisite ambient conditions.
    3. Determining the actual weight of the ingredients of food stuff to keep it appropriate in the stand up bags or pouches. Food safe is the prime motto, so we need to understand the combination of specific film barrier in any of the food stuff avoiding any negative reaction.
    4. Determining accurate sizes and measurement of how much the stand up pouch will hold. Our team provides unbiased and unparallel packaging solutions irrespective of whatever weight you demand.
    5. Our outlet allows you to order sample specimen or packs to determine your requirement.
    6. Varieties of colors are available in our stock; you just have to make a noble choice. However, we make it easy and simple for you to decide by sending you a sample pouch to analyze your requirement.

In a nutshell, let go all your inhibitions and start picking us from now on to enjoy the durable, food safe, fresh and environmental food packing or pouches packaging solution from Stand up Pouches.

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