Nutritious Food

Nutritious Food

As a universal saying goes “Health is Wealth”, so as our philosophy of innovative packaging solutions is, giving a new meaning to nutritious food. We are efficiently thriving here in the world of food packaging industry since 1980. Our origin stems in highly engineered packaging solutions with latest technologies involved. Alongside, normal food and beverages, organic as well as nutritious food packaging is taking a successful trail in the national and international market too. We are here to stay and keep delivering the best packaging solutions from our proven reliable technology.

Make good nutrition, your way of life:

If you are looking for a long term alliance with nutritious food packaging, then nothing can beat Stand Up Pouches. Our team provides aseptic food packaging solutions approved by FDA that allows all variety of health food in safe ambient conditions. To learn more about the types of food used in nutritious food packaging, scour through the following information:

Nutritious Food Types:

  1. Gluten-Free Products: When it comes to nutritious food packaging, Stand up pouches is the smart choice to make your way of life nutritional. Gluten-free products that include cheese, cereals, sauces, cake, bagel mix, lasagna and many more are packaged in barrier film laminated to keep it fresh and safe.
  2. Organic Food Products: No contamination will ever affect the quality. There is a win-win situation when it comes to stand up pouches. As they are unique solutions to your organic food product whether organic beverages, nuts, meats, cheese etc. well engineered in barrier film lamination preventing from moisture odor or UV rays.
  3. Vegan Products: What more can you ask for when you can resort to the most challenging packaging solutions for vegan products like vegan cookies, desserts, meatless entrees, soups, sauces, and many more. Nutritional value will never die; will live longer in our outstanding stand up pouches.
  4. Protein Booster Products: Give a boost to your immune system with protein powder packed indigenously in multiple layers of barrier film made from Mylar, foil, crystal clear particles making it strong and robust to withstand any temperature levels. Life’s simple with soy, rice, egg and whey protein powder packaging concept.
  5. Vitamins and Supplements: From beauty to food health, vitamins and supplements play an imperative role in today’s lifecycle. Each one us want a sound health conditions. So, we allow you to customize your stand up bags irrespective of its quantity. Its unique feature of film lamination protects to conserve its freshness and nutritional value.
  6. Sugar-free Preservative products: Health enthusiasts thrive on sugar-free products. So, we have it for you an exclusively stand up pouches designed to prevent from moisture, dampness, odor and puncture. The heavy duty zip locks and degassing valves makes the preservative-free products like cake mixes, pastas, low curb desserts, biscuits and more edible and fresh ever.

It is your product and our nutritious food packaging that serves the market keeping specific needs of today, tomorrow and near future. We are not only a vendor but a strategic partner to your products to be packed and delivered safe to the consumers in the market. From perishable to nutritional food products, we do it all and right out here at Stand Up Pouches!

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