Our Core Values

A hearty welcome to the world of Stand Up Pouches!

We have been striving tirelessly since 1980 to help you package almost anything from spices to fries, to drinks and medicines. All the products have to be packaged diligently in the same manner as making the products as good attractive packaging, printed with the company insignia in vivid colors play a major role in attracting existing and potential customers.

We understand your needs:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, got into the business of manufacturing bags and pouches at a time when not much of help was available in hand and only brown paper bags were the torch bearers for packaging. We realized that the products must be packaged according to their shape, size and sometimes according to the product itself. Let’s say, liquids like oil would require air tight bags which would prevent leakage and keep the liquids intact.

Solution at Stand Up Pouches:

Stand Up Pouches are pioneers at crafting stand up pouches or stand alone pouches and bags at all different sizes to contain products of all shapes and sizes. We customize these bags too once you consult our engineers who would be able to demonstrate different styles of pouches which are designed at our house.

Our bags are characterized by:

  1. Their very unique stand alone base to make your product stand up on the racks and stands in the shops.
  2. Their style and their durability to ensure long shelf life of your products.

Our stylish stand up pouches are very reasonably priced. We comprehend your requirements, hence, we also welcome you to send us your company logo and get it printed on your bags. Our printed stand up pouches are made in very vibrant colors with an aim to draw customers. We promise to deliver your consignment within 15 days by FedEx or DHL. However, you would have to make an order for at least 20000 bags. Still if you wish to just try our products and our quality of bags and our services, you may just place an order for as less as 2000 plain colored bags. These unprinted bags will just show you how we stick to our principles of delivery and our ethics. To make sure your products make a strong impression in the minds of end users, make use of our printed stand up pouches.

In this manner, packaging industry got a new lease of life with technology and we, at Stand Up Pouches, felt that to make your products a world name, smart and trendy packaging was the call of the hour. Hence, visit us and make the most of our excellent packaging solutions.

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