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Fair Trade Coffee Pouch

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Everyone appreciates a good coffee and coffee is the best when it is in pure form. Fair trade organic coffee is one of the best known coffee brews but it needs to be carefully packaged to maintain its integrity till the time it is brewed by the drinker. Fair trade coffee packaging is a technique which has been carried out by a number of manufacturers and packaging firms, however their protocols have not been able to meet the needs of the end users, which leads to degradation in the quality of coffee they get. We at Stand up Pouches have our own set of printed stand up pouches and simple stand up pouches which can be used for this purpose to give end users best quality coffee and maintain the standards it has.

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We, at Stand Up Pouches, have been a part of the packaging industry since our inception in 1980. Through thirty years of production and service to a number of clients internationally, we have been able to pioneer the industry and give our clients the preeminent quality in stand up packages. We have also developed techniques to create custom stand up pouches for each of our clients using our team of innovative and creative designers. These teams work endlessly to give our clients the best designs with attractive illustrative representation and informative labels to give their consumers eye-catching packaging and informative covers.

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Ground Coffee Bags

Stand up pouches are developed using lamination of a number of packaging materials. These are put together to get thick packaging material which is turned into custom stand up pouches. Fair trade coffee packaging is done in these bags because the thick material prevents the coffee from unwanted punctures, penetration and perforation. It keeps the fair trade organic coffee fresh through a number of other marketing processes and allows the coffee to wait on the market shelf for potential consumers to notice. Also, the packages are made of thick material which makes it easier for the package to stand up right and be easily visible to buyers.

Our set of stand-up pouches is also made of clear plastic if needed to help the buyers to see the products in the bag without having to break the seal. These custom Stand up pouches which are specially made for fair trade organic coffee are most preferred because the buyer is sure of the product before buying it. Also, fair trade coffee packaging pouches are installed with zip locks to maintain freshness even when the seal has been broken.

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Do not give your consumers coffee that degrades easily instead, use our services at Stand Up Pouches.

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