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Greetings to our page on product packaging done at Stand Up Pouches. With the introduction of new products in the market, their packaging also needs to be developed. Product packaging may have been carried out at the production site initially however, the need to develop well designed, eye catching and innovative packaging has also given entry to professionals in the market who would be able to provide packaging for products, particularly through stand up pouches. This technique is not restricted to packaging food products alone, but finds its inception with every new product introduction in the market.

Getting To Know Us Better:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, have been a part of the packaging industry since our inception as a company in 1980. These thirty years of survival has given us stronghold and we have gone onto becoming world leaders in product packaging, as well as packaging for food products. Our line of stand-up pouches has managed to gain large amounts of reputation throughout the market and continue to be used for packaging for products. Skill and technical know-how have been able to flourish in our company, thus bringing advancement in the industry overall through our line of packaging food products.

The Cutting Edge:

The main thing that sets apart our team efforts at Stand Up Pouches is that we cater to packaging for products which may be both solid and liquid. We produce high quality stand up packages. The multiple layers of barrier also help to increase shelf life of the contents, thus making packaging for food products particularly popular through this approach.

The packaging for products is done carefully after understanding the needs of our direct clients, and the end users who would be using the packaging. Since we at Stand Up Pouches give packaging for food products in both transparent as well as opaque covering, our clients get a choice between the two. A number of packaging for food products is preferred to be transparent to allow end users to see the product they would buy, while other products, liquids in particularly are made in dark packages to prevent them from degrading in the sun.

Also, product packaging done at Stand Up Pouches takes into account the need for keeping the products fresh after breaking the seal and thus dry packaging for products has zipper lock on the bag, while liquid food packaging products have nozzles to ensure ease in pouring and refilling the package.

Allow Us to Serve You:

Our team at Stand Up Pouches works tirelessly to give you the best quality food packaging products and to ensure that our product packaging is suitable not only for our consumers, but also further down its use.

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