Step 2 – Packaging Criteria

Production of stand-up pouches is a delicate procedure. A sharp precision needs to be followed to be able to give clients the best quality stand up pouches and at the most affordable prices. We, at Stand Up Pouches, divide this production procedure in a number of steps, which would be able to ensure the product of high quality stand up bags. The techniques and protocols that have been followed in our company have made sure we consider packaging criteria before carrying forward production of the bags. These packaging conditions are specifically developed to keep the client ideas in mind to give tailor made products to the clients.

Get to Know the Company Well:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, saw the inception and establishment of our company Stand Up Pouches in 1980. Over three decades of survival and our struggle in the market has given our team skill and technical knowledge to be able to supply our clients with the preeminent quality packaging products. While, stand up pouches are particularly trendy in the market, we also cater to other packaging needs. We make sure all packaging products are personalized to suit the needs of our clients almost flawlessly.

Understanding the Packaging Criteria:

The first step to comprehending the packaging conditions of our clients is to know the kind of packaging they are looking for:

    1. The first thing to see is the product that would be manufactured. It can be solid or liquid; heavy or light, durable or non-durable; or even dry or greasy. The packaging criteria are set only after addressing the nature of the product to be packaged.
    2. The next requirement that the client must state is the need for clear packaging. Some products are best when sold in a clear pack or having a window that allows consumers to see the product before buying.
    3. The kind of features that a package is installed with may add to the popularity it gains amongst their consumers. The packaging criteria may comprise installing the bag with zip locks, nozzles, tear tags, or hang holes.
    4. After the above, the packaging conditions need to be established depending on the kind of treatment the packaging would be subjected to. It could be a simple packet for a non-durable product, which simply holds the product until final use, or it can be a package that helps cook food in the microwave.
    5. The last factor that affects packaging condition is the cost. Depending on the thickness and volume of the desired package, the price and its ability to keep products durable may change.
A Perfect Fit:

After carefully considering packaging criteria, we at Stand Up Pouches develop packaging conditions to give our clients the best.

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