Measuring Quad Seal Pouch

Welcome to Stand Up Pouches to get all your packaging solutions in hand now! In the industry since 1980, we have been with all our clients’ product packaging and we comprehend what is the need of the trade now. For a product as small as spices or nuts, along with the exceptional quality, end users these days request excellent packaging and smart attractive look for the bags to proudly display on their prim kitchen.

We offer the finest bags:
  1. Stand up pouches have been styled with side gussets, which gives more space to fill in the bag and make it stand-alone.
  2. Quad seal bags are sturdy looking bags, which do not lose shape for a long time.
  3. These stand up pouches have side seals which makes the bags look very impressive and gives form and space for filling your product.
  4. We have invested in vacuum sealing machines, both table top medium use bag sealing equipments to vacuum sealing chambers for sealing big custom made bags of bulk order.

Uses of Stand up pouches:

Stand up pouch with side gussets can be used to package anything from pulses to breakfast cereals, to salt or sugar. These bags are also ideal for coffee and tea as the aroma is sealed in using M.A.P. method of packaging these high barrier bags. The laser micro perforations made on the surface of your stand up pouch is to ensure that only requisite air enters the bag to let the product last longer and be fresh.

Measuring the stand up pouches:

Take only the external dimensions to measure these stand up pouches, first taking in the width, across the bags measuring in millimeters to give you accurate measurement and then taking in the length of the bags. Take the width of side gusset from the top and then doubled to get an exact idea of spacious interiors of the bags.

Select and Place your order:

Once you have selected your preferred color and size of your bag, just approach us to get recommendations on getting your company logo printed as that would escalate the brand value of your bags. These stand up pouches with quad seal and side gussets are superb to display on stands as they sit stout on the stands. You can choose any color and we can send them in a week’s time, but bags in custom designed prints would be available to you in a fortnight. We trust in brands like FedEx and DHL to deliver the bags to you.

Known for our commitment to time and delivering quality bags, our clients have chosen us over the others over years.

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