Food Pouches for Pets & Animals

Food Pouches for Pets & Animals

Dog Food Bags

Animals are domesticated in a number of ways. Whether it is a city home with a dog, cat, bird, or a hamster, or a countryside farm where cows, and horses are bred, animals and humans have lived in harmony for a number of years. A part of this harmony is to give the animals’ proper food and nutrition, which would help them grow. It is for this reason that animal food packaging is given higher priority. The implementation of healthy food packaging protocols would help to make sure the animals get proper nutrition. We, at Stand up Pouches, provide pet food packaging in stand up pouches. Whether it is cat, hamster bird, or dog food packaging, our company looks forward to fulfilling your packaging needs.

A Brief about the Company, Stand up Pouches:

We, at Stand up Pouches, have been a part of the packaging company since we saw our establishment and inception in 1980. Our long-term survival and ample collection of experience to make accurate speculations about the current market trends and to mold the functioning of our company accordingly, thus giving our clients the best service, which are supreme in quality and always updated with the latest packaging techniques and practices.

The Unmatched Quality:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, provide pet food packaging in stand up pouches. This healthy food packaging technique uses an operation called lamination during which a number of sheets of packaging material are stuck together to get one single sheet. This sheet, when used for animal food packaging protects the food from undesirable contamination, which may occur through perforation. The thick layers of the bag also give the packaging strength to stand upright on market shelves, which make it more attractive for potential buyers when they scan the market. Even dog food packaging highly benefits from this packaging because the food is kept fresh for a long period and the multiple layers of protection prevent odor and bad scents of any kind.

The pet food packaging at Stand Up Pouches has been reinforced with zip lock systems. Since animal food packaging is done in large quantities, it is important to use such mechanisms. The bag can be sealed again after use to prevent damage thus making this healthy food packaging which can keep the food fit for consumption for a long period of time. The stand-up pouches also have tear tags to assist end users to open from the right place.

Give Your Consumers the Best:

Do not make your consumers compromise with quality and give them good food, which stays fresh for a long period of time. Turn to us, at Stand Up Pouches for the best animal food packaging in the market.

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