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The chemicals, which have been invented recently for our housekeeping and cleaning our homes and property, have gained fame and so has the market for selling these. Manufacturers of chemicals are in a race to reach the top position with their chemicals and packaging facilitates this in a major way. We, at Stand Up Pouches, have been in the packaging industry since 1980 and have comprehended the methods and means to be employed to make a mark for every product in the international market. Hence, for chemical pouch packaging, customers worldwide have chosen us. Our bags are made with the finest in technology and adequate knowledge, which would ensure a sturdy and stylish packaging for your chemicals. Packaging chemicals is not simple and requires specialized equipment and experience, which only few companies can boast of, and we outshine others in this area. Our stand up pouches are made of materials, which will not let your chemicals play havoc if kept in it for a long time.

Bags designed with a lot of care:

Our pouch packaging of chemicals is equipped with thick barrier walls. This is formed by laminating many plastic film sheets together, thereby, giving form, shape, and the required strength to the bags. The main reason to have such strength is to forbid sunlight, oxygen and UV rays from contaminating chemicals in the pouches.

The bags made by us have wide face, which are suited to print your company insignia and product information. This has been done keeping the marketing aspect in mind. We have also made the bags with flat bottom so that they can be made to stand stout on the shelves in the market stands. This method has been found to draw many takers and the end users benefit from this in the end.

Chemical powders used for cleaning bathrooms and pesticides and fertilizers can be packaged in our stand up pouches and to help the end users use these products conveniently, and store it for a long time. We have facilitated these bags with slider zippers so that they can be closed after every use and not form lumps due to exposure to moisture.

Detergent liquids and washes are packaged in our special stand up pouches with spouts to pour out liquids with ease and the caps are tight and can be used regularly.

Our bags are degassed before packaging. Vacuum packaging is ideal for preventing moisture from dampening your products.

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Contact our team of engineers and get your customized pouch packaging of chemicals. We will deploy all that we can do to ensure your chemicals reach your customers and serve the purpose conveniently. So, choose us now!

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