Measuring the pouches

Packaging is an important aspect of marketing and selling. We, at Stand Up Pouches, understand that packaging gives our clients protection for their products, divides their product into equal batches of desired quantity and aids in transportation. However one function of stand-up pouches which remains unnoticed is the area it gives for product information and features to be displayed as well. Understanding these aspects involves knowing how to accurately measure a stand up pouch.

A Brief Introduction:

Our company Stand Up Pouches has been a part of the packaging industry since its inception in 1980. Over thirty years of production and sale of packaging material has given us an edge over our competitors and understand the market as well as our clients better. The clients using stand up pouches need to be aware of how one should be measuring stand up pouches to understand the contents that can go into it. It is also important to see how much information can be put on the outside of the package. Catering to these needs we carefully explain how stand up pouch packaging should be measured.

The Technique:

The first thing to see is if the stand-up pouch has been designed to hold liquid or solid contents in the same. If it is a stand up pouch packaging which has been installed with a zipper lock, it would be used for solid and semi-solid items only. In this case, the first thing one must measure is the width of the stand-up pouch. This includes measuring the outside stretch of the bag. Stand up pouches need to be measured end to end. After the width, the height needs to be accounted for. Even for this criterion, an end to end measurement of the bag is required to see how tall the stand-up pouch would be eventually.

Lastly, one must measure the bottle gusset. The bottle gusset is normally shaped round or euro (sombrero). To measure this, you must invert the stand-up pouch packaging and see the widest point of the gusset. This is usually the center. The measurement is taken from the outside end to its widest point in the center. This gives relatively accurate technique for measuring stand up pouches.

In case of liquid packaging, one must exclude the nozzle in the measurement and then take measures on the outside surface of the stand-up pouch. However zipper locks, cut marks and hang holes are all included in measuring stand up pouches.

Catering To Your Needs:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, understand the importance of an educated consumer and thus wish to inform our clients about the basics of measurements to allow them to take an intelligent and well informed decision when buying stand up pouches.

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