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Agricultural Products

Agricultural Products pouches

As an experienced farmer would proudly love to see his crop yield the best in the season, nothing warms his heart more than seeing his crops look and give healthy fruits. For nurturing his crops, he would not deter in going to any lengths for ensuring the animal feed and chemicals that he uses are of the optimum standard. Many companies have thus jumped in the race to reach out to such passionate farmers and so they have not only developed superior agro products, but have also understood the necessity to improve the standard and style of agro products packaging to stay and race ahead of others in the competition.

Welcome to the brand, which is synonymous to excellent packaging; Stand Up Pouches!

Having been in the packaging industry since 1980 has given us the much-needed knowledge and skills for developing exquisite product-specific packaging. We craft stand up pouches for packaging of agriculture products. Our high barrier pouch packaging has fetched us fame beyond boundaries. We commit ourselves completely to providing you with all the packaging solutions for storing and transporting your agriculture products like farm and animal feed and chemicals to boost your farm yield to your end users.

Our stand up pouches – designed for you:

  1. We manufacture high barrier bags with multi-layer lamination to prevent spillage and leakage and puncture while in transit.
  2. These bags are made for different varying quantities from small pouches to larger quantities and so they have appropriate attributes like tear tags to re-sealable zipper locks to hang holes so that they can be used conveniently by your esteemed customers.
  3. Our agro products packaging are made with glossy material and have wide bodies to write the information on and enable you to simply get your company insignia printed on them for promoting your brand of agro products.
  4. As the name suggests our stand up pouches have wide base to make the bags sit on the shelves thereby attracting your potential and existing customers towards the stands.

Making Packaging of agro products just for you:

Agricultural Product

Very few companies stick to their commitment and go beyond their way to serve the customers and understand the need of the hour in terms of marketing and packaging. This is one area where we excel. We provide superior quality bags and deliver just in accordance with our customer’s preference, few of the things why our customers choose us worldwide. Our pouch packaging is made in 10 gorgeous colors and we encourage our customers to choose from our assortment and get the logo printed as per your choice.

Our success in our work and timeliness can be understood by our survival in this industry since last 30 years.

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