Measuring Flat Bottom Pouch

In the 21st century, when exceeding expectations of the customers has taken over customer satisfaction in a major way, it has become a challenge for the producers and suppliers of every product to make sure their products just do the same.

Welcome to the stylized world of Stand Up Pouches where packaging has got a deeper meaning. Since the year 1980, we have taken care of all our clients’ packaging needs. We boast of clients from all walks of life from food industry, to the housekeeping industry to the automobiles to the frozen foods industry and we have understood one thing very well, that of customizing stand up packaging for every industrial or farm product.

Challenges put before us:
    1. We put in labor to get to know the real areas of concern in marketing and that set us wondering at the area being ignored till late packaging!
    2. With that insight, we marched with our knowledge and gathered inputs from the engineers who felt that flexible and attractive packages were the most wanted items by end users.
    3. Pouch packaging was an area which didn’t get much fanfare as technology wasn’t developed earlier. So, we had to first work on the available machinery and steadily progress.
Manufacturing Food Packaging:

While crafting food pouch packaging, we took into particulars of the art. From passing our stand up pouches designing and making them food safe, to ensuring their quality over a long period of time, we left nothing to chances. To compute our bags, we propose you to measure the width and length of the flat bottom or side gussets, leaving a little space on top for the zipper to get the precise value of bag’s capacity. Measuring flat bottom gusset bags is easy, just by spreading the bag flat and use a measuring scale to check. Flat bottom gussets make the bags stand alone on the stands and with their robust bodies are ideal to magnetize your end users’ attention. Just choosing your preferred color and size from our set and getting your company logo printed on it will set the ball rolling.

Our bags are great for coffee packaging, pulses and protein powders which are ideal if sold in flashy stylish flat bottom bags. Made in bright colors even in metallic shades, these bags can be just ordered from us and a minimum of 2000 bags will be delivered in a week. Nevertheless, getting custom printed bags will be delivered in 15 days.

Stand up pouch packaging is receiving a wider fan base with every fleeting day so place your order with us now and experience a whole new world of packaging which provides convenience for you and the end users for a long time.

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