Steps to Professional Packaging

Welcome to this page that explains the steps being taken towards professional packaging by Stand Up Pouches. Since packaging and introduction of new products in the market run parallel in the industry, it becomes important not only to address the need for packaging but also to develop techniques and protocols which would allow us to provide professional packaging to our clients regularly. Through years, the most appreciated development that has been made in the sector is the introduction of stand up pouches in the market. These have been further developed to get printed stand up pouches which are customized to suit the design and insignia of the client company.

Getting to Know Us Better:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, have been growing and flourishing in the packaging industry since our company’s inception and establishment in 1980. Over thirty years of dedication and commitment have allowed us to carefully understand and accurately speculate a market trend which gives us an edge over our competitors. With the development of new products that entered the market, we also developed our line of stand up pouches to keep up with the growing demand for the same. For further development, we designed equipment and trained personnel to give our clients personalized printed stand up pouches which would be able to cater to their packaging needs.

Winning the Race:

Our team at Stand Up Pouches has developed a segment of our sales which includes the production of stand up pouches. Understanding the steps involved in the production of these is a simple process. A number of layers of the material being used as a barrier in the stand up pouches are laminated together and then put in the shape of a bag. The thickness of these sheets makes the stand up pouch stiff and thus giving it an ability to stand tall on a market shelf, making it eye catching for potential buyers. Moreover, these thickened layers are better barriers against contaminants which may penetrate others.

Since we take from our environment, we also wish to give back by taking steps which make our packaging environmentally-friendly. All unprinted as well as printed stand up pouches are equipped with a zipper seal or nozzle to allow the bag to be used repeatedly even after the seal has been broken. Moreover, the use of barrier materials is chosen carefully to ensure it can be biodegradable or recyclable, thus reducing the garbage being collected.

The most striking feature at Stand Up Pouches remains our line of printed stand up pouches. We have technology and equipment which allow us to incorporate pictures and company insignias on the package directly thus making the packaging stands out. These printed stand up pouches are developed and tailor made to our clients’ needs and demands for designing.

Step Ahead:

Allow Stand Up Pouches to give you the pouches which can be used for a number of products and protect them from air, dust, moisture, sunlight or any other contaminant. Available in foil, cellophane or combination of the two, unprinted, as well as printed stand up pouches would address and cater to your needs successfully.

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