Company Overview

Our company is a leader in the domain of food packaging, liquid Bags and spout pouches, pet food packaging, non food products packaging such as lawn and garden products, medicinal products etc. and flexible packaging in general, our range of product varies from bags and pouches of different sizes; colors, and materials too, we have a ready stock of plastic bags and Kraft paper bags.

We make large deals in the flexible packaging industry, more than a quarter of a century. We are proud of our 30 years of experience in flexible packaging domain because of our high quality product that meet or exceed of our clients expectations and the industry standards, and that is by enhancing our quality; performance and hygiene standards. We are always innovative to use latest technology and make productions with easily with high quality in the heart of our priorities. The Company has worked on providing the market with flexible packaging solution with high quality, in different market sectors.

With a modern factory equipped with the latest technology and high operating efficiency, we are able to answer all our clients’ requests when it comes to all types of flexible packaging, bags, pouches, plastic bags or Kraft paper bags.

Our goal is to built long term relationship with our customer regardless of the size and the company’s products and our clients gets more business because of the our packaging.

Our company has been certified ISO 9001 / 2000, and now will shortly get double certification of ISO 14000 and ISO 18000. These international certifications, we are on top of the flexible packaging industry because of our high professionalism and our bags and pouches unparallel quality.

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