Round Bottom Gusset

Packaging is a vast industry with an alternative packaging option for every product that enters the market. There are a number of shapes and sizes for kinds of packages, which help manufacturers to choose the kind of pouch, which would be most suitable for their product. We at Stand up Pouches also have our own set of pouches that our clients choose from. Depending on the kind of product and the weight of the product being used, the style of the stand-up pouches change. All pouches are gusseted bags, and the ones used most commonly are the round bottom gusset bags. These gusset pouches are most suitable when the product being packages weighs less than one pound.

A Brief about Our Company:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, have been dedicated to working for the benefit of the packaging industry since our inception in 1980. The experience, expertise, knowledge, and technical skills that we have been able to gather through the years have given us a competitive edge, which has allowed us to acquire maximum market share. Over three decades of service in the market has been able to earn us a reputation. While making sure our immediate clients are satisfied with our services, we have also made sure our packaging products satisfy the end users of the packaging, making satisfaction a pervasive function.

The Cutting Edge:

Bottom gusset bags are most suitable for any product, which would have a final packaging weight of one pound or under the same. This is because in these gusseted bags, the weight of the bag, as well as the product is put on the gusset itself, which is at the bottom. The gusset pouches are formed by joining the two ends of the gusset together to give the bag the strength and agility it needs from the bottom to be able to stand upright. These kind of stand-up bags are mostly suitable for spices and mixes, which are sold in small quantities.

The bottom gusset bags produced at Stand Up Pouches have a large area in the front and the back of the bag, which can be used for the designing of the package. Our teams of innovative designers sit with our clients while deciding the appearance of the gusset pouches. The stand-up pouches are incorporated with the company insignia and information about the product. The gusseted bags we design are not only attractive and eye-catching for regular and potential buyers, but also act as a bridge for communication between manufacturers and end users.

Get the Bag of Your Choice:

Come to our team at Stand Up Pouches and rest assured that your packaging needs would be met to your and the satisfaction of your consumers.

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