Roll Stock

We live in a time when we love to have anything and everything on the move. To fit in this portable world, we have also felt inclined to even carrying along our food wherever we go. Hence, glass bottles have given a way to roll stock packaging. These bags are found to be the best suited to be carried and consumed from by the people of all ages.

We, at Stand Up Pouches, have realized this immediate need of the hour and have given in to manufacturing flexible pouches, which have been a boon to be transported easily.

An Outlook into our world:

Welcome to Stand Up Pouches, which has amassed fortune and fame in the packaging industry since 1980. With our technology and skill, we have created some of the best solutions for packaging your goods.

We are renowned for our roll stock packaging and our strength. Since we also have clients who make or distribute organic food to the humanity across the world, we see to it that every one of the end users are benefitted by the consumption. Therefore, we ensure that the food packaging materials, which are used for making the stand up bags, are of the finest quality.

Not only that, we also comprehend the tough competition you face to sell it to your end user who get a wide variety to choose from. So, to ensure your brand gets maximum visibility through packaging, we suggest you to print your company logo on the wide surface of our stand up pouches.

Quality and substance is something that makes or breaks any brand. Our priority is to serve all the industries by packaging in superior films.

Process of Getting Safe Printing on the Roll stock films:

We can assure you that our films are 100 percent food safe as they have to pass several tests of quality and safety before being made into bags.

  1. Firstly, the resin beads are heated and stretched to the maximum.
  2. These films are herewith molded together with the strongest roll stock film being used for the outermost layer.
  3. The inner most layer is made of the best and tested to be food safe and heat sealable. Once the content is filled, this layer is heat-sealed.
  4. The middle layer of the roll stock packaging is the place on which you as a client can print your company insignia and information.
  5. To get your company insignia printed, you are given the option of sending your artwork soft copy to our team of designers and see your bag materialize in a time of just 4 weeks.

To experience the unsurpassed quality of roll stock packaging at very reasonable rates, visit us now!

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