Step 3 – Artwork/Graphics

Creating artwork or design is essential point in packaging, artwork is expertise of our graphic designer.we will give you dieline for your template to create your design.please give us clear indicate matt finish or shiny finish.include windows areas, in dieline all things are shown. we require design in photoshop artwork in open solution we want resolution of 300 to 600 dpi. there are two technology available for printing flexographic or rotogravure printing. in this two technology rotogravure is expensive, higher dpi number will better quality of printing and gives sharper printing.once design is complete we will tell you number of cylinders for printing you will require one cylinder for each colour.means if you have 6 colour design you will require 6 cylinder. for sizes you will need to purchase different cylinder for 28 gms it will be different for 500 gm it will be different.when you change your design then your cylinder will change.

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