Flat Barrier Bags

The packaging of a product becomes an identity of the product and the company for the consumer looking to buy the product. Whether it is a regular customer or a potential buyer, the packaging of the product establishes an immediate contact with the client, thus making your product sell. It is for this reason that we at Stand Up Pouches address all your packaging needs so you can have a product which would be able to define your company, functions and motives clearly to the consumer, while also motivating them to buy your product. Stand up pouch packaging does not restrict itself to stand up bags but also flat pouches make the list. While they do not stand upright on the market shelf, our company has still made packaging pouches, which have high barrier packaging material to keep your product safe and fresh. Dust, contaminant and moisture barrier bags are commonly produced at our premises.

An Introduction to Our Company:

Our company, Stand Up Pouches has been a part of the packaging industry since our inception in 1980. The extended period of survival that we have enjoyed has allowed us to come up with techniques and protocols, which have been able to give us products that not only suit the needs of our consumers, but also make those available at competitive and affordable prices. Our products have developed with the trends of the market and the kind of packaging we provide today is sure to fit so perfectly with your product that it could be as good as tailor-made for your sales.

Know Your Barrier Bags:

Flat pouches produced at Stand Up Pouches, mostly use the application of high barrier packaging. By laminating together a number of packaging material sheets, these thick packaging pouches are produced. While flat pouches may not be able to come under stand up pouch packaging, it still gives products protection from undesirable contaminants, penetration and perforation. These bags are particularly useful for the products that would find themselves hanging off hooks in the market. The large area on the bags, which is free can be used for designing company insignias and placing pictorial representations of the product. This information helps to bridge the gap between producers and consumers in the market.

Flat pouches are also equipped with zip lock systems to help reseal the bag when it is not in use. Moisture barrier bags have particular use of this feature because the protection is maintained and the product does not suffer spoilage or deterioration. High barrier packaging also comes with a tear tag to guide users during opening the packaging. Moreover, the packaging pouches have hang holes to be used by store owners for display.

Prepare a Package:

Come to our team at Stand Up Pouches to get the kind of bag you are looking for, to package your product.

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