Styling Stand Up Pouch

A warm welcome to Stand Up Pouches, a company which began in 1980 with a sole intention of serving our customers the best in packaging! Since we have been in this industry for long, we have gained deep insight into the minds of our clientele. We have consequently developed stand bags and stand up pouches, which have been made for every product exclusively.

A bag used for spices may not be strong enough to hold dog food. Our bags are made in different styles and appropriate for different requirements of our consumers. We know that your end users are our mutual target and so to aid them and use your products for a long time from our stand bags, we have made bags and pouches with specifications as mentioned below:

  1. For things under a pound of weight, bags need not be very sturdy. Just a basic round bottom gusset would do. Things like nuts or powders or medicines, a round bottom barrier is adequate to stand alone. A round or zero hole on the top of the opening will do wonders in helping you to exhibit your products by hanging them instead of even taking the required shelf space.
  2. For stuff a little less than 5 pounds like pulses, or whey protein or energy drink powders, the bags need to be stand alone styles. The stand up pouch styles preferred are the K styles, which lets the bags stand alone irrespective of the content. They have bottom shaped like K and the contents can be packed until some level only. The ends are bent and shaped like wedges or K, hence the name.
  3. For things above 5 pounds like rice, salt, sugar or dog food, or pet food in general, the stands up pouch styles that we prefer is the Plow style. These bags are so designed that the content can be filled till the bottom as there is no seal at the bottom. They are just one single piece of plastic all around.

We have taken the support of technology not only to make diverse stand up pouch styles, but have also taken it one step further to help you pick and customize your bag.

The Process of Selecting Your Bag:

Once you have chosen your stand-alone bag, it is the time you consult our engineers for affixing your company logo across these stand bags, so that your bags get across your brand name to the public. We can deliver your custom-made bags in 15 days by FedEx. For a very fruitful and yet effortless journey in packaging, come and meet us at Stand Up Pouches now.

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