Non Food Products

Non Food Products

Packaging is marketing and selling technique which accompanies with the production of any kind of product. The packaging of a product is the basic information the seller must give to his consumers regarding the product they are buying. It is also the seller’s identity in the eyes of the consumers because the company insignia gracefully placed on the packaging can easily attract the eyes of the consumer. We, at Stand Up Pouches, have also developed our own line of printed stand up pouches to give our consumers modified packaging techniques which would help keep their product fresh through a seal, and would also be easy to use by their consumers.

A Short Introduction:

The inception and getting together of our team at Stand Up Pouches took place in 1980. Over thirty years of service in the packaging industry have allowed us to place manufacturing units and marketing units in a number of states and countries around the world. Our line of stand up bags has gained reputation and respect across the global packaging market. Moreover, our long standing survival has been a key to understanding and accurately speculating market trends which would allow us to propitious in the industry.

The Cutting Edge:

The one thing that our consumers have most preferred at Stand Up Pouches is the ease with which our designers provide them with printed stand up pouches for their company. We have studied, practiced and developed the art of designing company insignias and have been able to successfully incorporate that on the non-food stand up pouches. This makes the stand up bag restrict its identity to the company it belongs to and a consumer buying the same can easily spot it in the shelves.

Zipper locks and nozzles are also a popular feature in the stand up pouches our clients buy from us. For the products like incense sticks, being able to reseal the bag makes sure the product remains fresh for a longer period of time, even after the seal has been broken. The cellophane lining in the stand up bags helps to keep the air lock in and keeps the product fresh.

When we at Stand Up Pouches produce personalized printed stand up pouches, shipping time is approximately 15 days because the design takes time to develop in the machinery. However, default stand up bags which are chosen from an existing line of stocks may be delivered within 7 days. The lesser the printing on the stand up pouches, the quicker the process.

Printed Beauty:

Find the stand up bag that would suit your product as well as your company from our line of printed stand up pouches. Our team in Stand Up Pouches Company has worked endlessly to make sure the consumers are happy with presentation and final users are happy with the technique of usage of packing. These put together makes our company a global success.

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