Step 1 – Packaging of Products

With the world opening up its doors worldwide, the consumers have also redefined the market. From shopping online to importing stuff across oceans, both the buyers and sellers are stopping at nothing. Manufacturers have thereby decided not to compromise on quality of the products and have realized that their products should reach their customers in time and in safe condition.

This is where we, at Stand Up Pouches, steps in. From superior quality of packaging materials to extremely product-specific packaging machines, we have realized that these are the steps to heighten your product value. From the marketing point of view, we have designed stylish and handy flexible bags, few with spouts, and few with zip locks. Nonetheless for some other products like:

    1. Agricultural
    2. Pharmaceutical
    3. House keeping
    4. Gardening
    5. Food for animals
We also take utmost care in packaging of food products.

Our Unique ways of Packaging your products:

These are companies, which have their motive and profits in mind while packaging your products. We still take into consideration few things of which safety and protecting the product from the contaminants is one of the most significant ones.

The next point is we use vacuum packaging to seal these bags. There are two perfect vacuum packaging used by us. One is the commercial vacuum packaging and the other is a tabletop mini vacuum packaging. These are appropriate for packaging food and protein products.

In packaging of food products, we ensure the essential nutrients, which are used and are actually very healthy for your customers’ health to remain intact. In case of improper packaging, the products may lose their entity and your brand image will take a beating. Hence, it is better to implement high-end technology in packaging pouches.

You can find our pouches in exciting colors, shapes and sizes. Few products need to be packaged in small size and are sold mostly in small pouches, for instance cashew nuts and other dry fruits are sold in glossy pouches. Simply investing in a tabletop vacuum packaging machine will do in this case. Fitted with glass lids, these are useful to monitor the whole sealing process smoothly.

For sealing big gusset bags, packaging machine with big and spacious chambers are suitable. Other companies however do not use these machines at all times. But we, at Stand Up Pouches, have through our 30 year experience felt that there is a necessity to invest in these packaging machines as they completely remove any signs of moisture in the bags before closing the bags finally.

For Ultimate Packaging Solutions:

You can contact our talented team of engineers and experience our packaging techniques as we value our customers and vow to serve them with the best.

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