Spouted Stand Up Pouch

Packaging for every product available in the market has to be altered and modified to best suit the storage facilities for that product. Also, one must keep in mind the increase of shelf life and the convenience of end user who would be using the product when the design, style and appearance of the package are being prepared. We, at Stand Up Pouches, have specialized in packaging for liquid products. The stand-up spout pouch that we have introduced is a promising way to prevent any kind of spillage, leaks and drains from the bag. This kind of stand-up pouch packaging has been designed to give space for manufacturers’ advertisements while also having enough space for product information and company insignia. The spouted pouch also aids the use of product by the end user thus making sure satisfaction is a pervasive function.

Stand Up Pouches: An Introduction:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, have maintained over thirty years of service to the packaging industry since the company saw its inception in 1980. Our long lasting survival in the market has been the main reason for the acquired market share that we have today on a global level. The experience, exalt and expertise that came with this survival also remains unrivaled by a number of our competitors in the market. Our ability to speculate and grow with the market remains exceptional when compared to others in the same industry.

Moving Ahead in the Race:

We, at Stand Up Pouches, have developed a line of stand-up spout pouches which are manufactured using a technique called lamination. This takes a number of packaging sheets and puts them together to make one material which would be used to produce the spout pouches as a final product. Multiple layers of protection in this stand up pouch packaging help to ensure that liquids do not spill or leak out of the bag, while also prevent penetration or perforation, thus making both storage and transportation easier. The spout for the spout pouch can be fixed either at the top, in the center or on the top side corner of the bag.

These stand up spout pouches are not only attractive and eye-catching when placed upright on the market shelf, but also find themselves a comfortable storage spot when they have been bought by a potential consumer. The spout pouches make it easier to use the liquid and pour it out without worry about spills. They also help to reseal the bag when it is not in use, thus making the contents more durable than what they would be otherwise.

Come to us at Stand Up Pouches and we would be able to give you suitable packages for both solid as well as liquid contents.

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